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    0.0005 BTC +30% TFL Bonus
  • 1000 BTC
    0.0005 BTC +20% TFL Bonus
  • 2000 BTC
    0.0005 BTC +10% TFL Bonus
  • 3000 BTC
    0.0005 BTC +5% TFL Bonus
  • 5000 BTC
    0.0005 BTC No Bonuses
  • 6125 BTC
The Token Sale will last for 30 days (or until all the tokens are sold) with the bonus amount decrease according to acquried amount of BTC as shown on the above ICO progress bar. At the end of the Token Sale the remaining unsold tokens will be burned and share of all Token holders will be proportionally increased.
Total sold
5,407,407 TFL
of 14,700,000
Token Sale will end in
TOTAL CONTRIBUTED 1762.20 BTC / 4,734,352 USD
  • 1041.31 BTC
  • 542.699 LTC
  • 7769.789 ETH
  • 126.669 DASH
Our stats
Beta-release 20.04.2017
Jackpot now 56.918 BTC
Players 128844
Tickets played 148497
Won 42.188 BTC

True Flip ICO FAQ

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Hi there! While the True Flip Steemit Challenge goes on, we are glad to note the significant interest paid by community here. Now we have over 450 comment in the voting post, so let this be the secon...
Hello! Here's a quick mention that we are not affected by any hacks. Our sympathy goes to those suffering of troubles with Parity, but we hope these guys will have their problems solved in a rela...
Hi, **AS** the crypto currencies market moves through it’s tough times, we are happy to state that True Flip is not affected by any of the issues related to this. For now, more than 1550 BTC is col...

Our goal is to become the most popular and transparent blockchain lottery with the largest Jackpot in the world.

Most of the existing lotteries are totally centralized or even controlled by a government, therefore are hardly transparent. We want to build TrueFlip as provably fair and decentralized lottery platform that cannot be controled by either any nation, state, single authority or any of our team members.

Watch introduction video

The first lottery is ready

TrueFlip is a blockchain lottery platform. We have developed a bitcoin-based and fair-proof 6/49 lottery (Power ball). It’s the first stage of the development and we have already done half the job. Try it out with a free ticket

Full transparency

In order to fulfill our mission in the best possible way we make the whole lottery fully transparent: every ticket sold, every win, all the token holder donations distributed and financial results will be published on the blockchain.


The second ambitious goal is to make the TrueFlip platform as decentralized as virtually possible. We also intend to use decentralized hosting and multiple data centers so that discontinuation of a single one would have no effect on the whole platform. We will describe details in White paper.

Bright future

First off we want to create TrueFlip tokens granting token holders an access to daily rewards and entitling them to vote on future development of the lottery. We plan to make at least 3 more lottery games: instant, hourly lottery, and premium game with big prizes.


  • Concept + MVP Stage 0
    3 month
  • Beta start Stage 1
    100 000 tickets
  • Presale Stage 2
    180 BTC attracted
  • we are here
  • Token sale Stage 3
    Target 6125 BTC
  • Development
    and marketing Stage 4
    3 additional lotteries
    10 000 000 tickets sold 4Q 2017
  • Decentralizated
    platform Stage 5
    Full transparency 1Q 2018
Our difference from other lotteries

We have already made the product as opposed to others who just promise to develop something in the future. Try it !

Why do we still need to sell tokens?

JackPot. A lottery will be interesting only if there is a BIG Jackpot. That's why we want to raise 3,062.5 BTC for Jackpot via token sale campaign. Jackpot will be secured on cold wallets with the use of multi-signature escrow involving three community stakeholders, while the development team does not have any access to these funds. So when someone lucky hits the Jackpot, it will be transferred manually.

Transparency. We want to prove to the blockchain community that our game is fair. At this very moment TrueFlip is not 100% decentralized. Our team is aware about it and has a plan on how to make TrueFlip as much decentralized as virtually possible. Our next goal is to make the lottery independent on any third party (including the team).

Development. We plan to develop 3 more cool lotteries. We will describe them in the WP.

Marketing and PR. We understand that the project can hardly attract millions of customers without marketing budget. For that reason we have created an efficient marketing strategy. The budget for our global marketing campaign will be accumulated from TFL token sale.

Gantt Diagram
Next Steps
  • 1) System refactoring.
  • 2) Payment processing:
    • ETH and LTC wallets for ticket and token purchases.
    • Integrate Visa and MasterCard processing.
  • 3) Nice addons:
    • Chinese, Portuguese, German and French localizations;
    • Ticket wholesale: you can buy future draws (up to 60 days).
    • Lifetime drawings broadcasting.
  • 4) 3 new lotteries within TrueFlip platform.
  • 5) Decentralizated platform:
    • Ethereum token will become available at online exchanges after the Token Sale.
    • Token will also entitle its holder to get bonuses from every sold ticket.
    • Developing an option to record all tickets, results and payments on existing blockchain (Ethereum). Developing a decentralized web hosting for TrueFlip platform.
    • Smart contract integration.
Full project management report

White paper


PDF, 1325 KB

TFL Tokens emission
On Sale
Team award
Bounty, Advisory
& Escrow
21 000 000 TFL
Target 6125 BTC
3062.5 BTC

Operations, development and marketing

3062.5 BTC


Token price & Bonuses
  • 0-1000 BTC attracted
    0.0005 BTC+30% TFL Bonus
  • 1001-2000 BTC
    0.0005 BTC+20% TFL Bonus
  • 2001-3000 BTC
    0.0005 BTC+10% TFL Bonus
  • 3001-5000 BTC
    0.0005 BTC+5% TFL Bonus
  • 5001 BTC & more
    0.0005 BTCNo bonuses
  • Target
    6125 BTC

Token sale will last for 30 days. At the end of the token sale the remaining unsold tokens will be burned and the share of all token holders will be proportionally increased depending on the outstanding package.

0-1000 BTC attracted — 0.0005 BTC +30% TFL Bonus 1001-2000 BTC — 0.0005 BTC +20% TFL Bonus 2001-3000 BTC — 0.0005 BTC +10% TFL Bonus 3001-5000 BTC — 0.0005 BTC +5% TFL Bonus 5001 BTC & more — 0.0005 BTC 0 Target 6125 BTC
Token structure
Depends on the amount of funds raised during ICO

Escrow of Jackpot and token sale funds

Escrow of Jackpot and token sale funds

Richard Kastelein Co-founder of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) company CryptoAsset Design Group
George Basiladze Founder Cryptopay
Nikita Parhomenko COO True Flip

The funds are located on the protected escrow account to be released only in cases specified in the White paper. The raised funds can only be accessed with the consent of at least two of the three signees considering that all the required conditions are met.

Download White paper PDF, 1.33 Mb
Jackpot — 40%

Token sale backed Jackpot will be fully escrowed. When the TrueFlip Jackpot is won, it will be fully released and transferred to a lucky one.

Operations, development and marketing — 60%
This part of the raised funds will be used for development and marketing campaign.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Stage 1: MVP
  • Stage 2: Additional lotteries
  • Stage 3: Decentralizated system
More info can be found in a full development report

Benefits for token holders

Donations for token holders

Each token holder receives daily bonus in bitcoins: 10-15% of each ticket sold will be distributed among all token holders!

Token will be available at exchanges

We do our best to ensure that our token is quoted on most exchanges trading crypto-currencies.

Bounty program

All token holders will take part in a private draw right after the token sale finishes. 1% of all token sale funds will be distributed between 5 lucky token holders.

Financial transparency

Special section on the website gives token holders an opportunity to have a realtime track on the current financial situation of the company.

Peer decision

All the important decisions of the project development are taken by a general vote of all token holders in special section of Token holder profile.

Ticket structure

Marketing strategy 25 000 tickets sold per day
TicketFixed price
0.001 BTC
Token holders (10-15%*)
Operations (5-10%*)
Marketing Budget (15-20%*)
Referral Program (2%)

* Proof of community.
All decisions will be approved with token holders votings.

Token holders donations calculator
Daily sold tickets

30 000

50 000

100 000

200 000

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Monthly marketing expences
135.00 BTC
Number of ticket sales per month
900 000
900.00 BTC
1 TFL year donation*
0.00010 BTC
Number of tokens
Year donation
0.10 BTC
Tickets sold yesterday 4890
Transactions on True Flip


Eric Benz Advisor / CEO Cryptopay
Jason Cassidy Vice Chairman of the Board at Blockchain Association of Canada
Pavel Kinchikov Deputy Group CEO
Media Instinct Group
Jon Matonis Founding Director at Bitcoin Foundation.
CEO of Hushmail.
Startup Team at RSA's VeriSign.
Maggie Deng Advisor
MS Group CEO
Management team
Nikita Parhomenko COO
Konstantin Katsev Marketing director
Daniil Andriyanov CFO,
Part Group Managing Partner
Alex Gorlo Marketing manager
Vasili Polynov Head of communications
Renato Almeida Legal advisor
Dmitry Machikhin Crypto lawyer
Development team
Felix Sidokhin Core developer
Nikita Ivanov Core developer
Vladimir Feoktistov Core developer
Oleh Skorbatiuk IT infrastructure architect
Zerion Token smart-contract developer
Community Team
Ruslan Nurtdinov Community manager
Natalia Lukina Community manager
Kalyta Bohdan Community manager
Lip Kiam Community manager
Ojin Shimizu Community manager
Igor Marcos Community manager

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